Friday, 27 August 2010

Who... ?

Over on the Cartoonists Forum, we recently enjoyed our very first monthly Caricature Contest, where all-comers are challenged to caricature a well-known figure, and the results are voted on by the forum members. The first 'victim' was Matt Smith, the latest actor to take on the role of the eponymous hero in the BBC's Doctor Who series.

As you can see here, the contest produced a very healthy response, and a terrifically diverse range of caricatures from all who entered. The worthy winner came from the pen of Hugh 'Shug' Raine, beating Paul Mahoney into second place, with Steve Ward and Rich Skipworth sharing third. We're currently building up to our second contest, with the subject of Gok Wan having been chosen by Shug, as is the previous winner's prerogative. If any budding or established caricaturists fancy participating, then have a look at the contest guidelines, and join in the fun.

Since I am currently organising the contest, and that involves receiving the entries before anyone else sees them (they are all posted more or less simultaneously after the deadline), I have banned myself from taking part. But I couldn't resist joining in the challenge, and this was the result...

It wasn't wasted however, as I'd been asked to contribute a cover for the PCO (professional Cartoonists' Organisation) magazine, 'Foghorn'. So, with a little addition here and there, the latest copy hit the virtual shelves recently looking like this...

For the uninitiated, 'Foghorn' is a truly splendid bi-monthly production, featuring the produce of some of the best of British cartooning talents. And guess what - it's completely FREE to view online. You can even subscribe to receive proper high-quality printed issues should you prefer a more tactile, sensual experience. Details available here.


  1. Yes, nice cover, Steve, but I seem to recall a rather splendid cartoon on the back page as well, can't recall the cartoonist's name tho'... :-)

  2. Indeed, Ger. Can't remember who did it either, but it was excellent.