Monday, 9 August 2010

Blue Peter...

For anyone outside the UK, I have to explain that 'Blue Peter' is one of our longest-running and most popular children's television programmes, so old that I used to watch it as a kid back in the 60s. It's a kind of a magazine programme for kids, with pets and 'how-to-make' items, interspersed with various features that the good ol' BBC deem of interest to, and suitable for, this nation's children.

Naturally, having run for so long, It has gone through a goodly amount of presenters over the years. Most 'grow up' and move on to present more adult TV programmes, some just move on and are never heard of again. But every now and then, the show would be rocked by 'scandal', usually involving the misdemeanour's and private lives of its presenters.

The following cartoon was drawn in 1998, after one such presenter was caught using cocaine, and dismissed. The BBC decided to air an excruciating 'explanation' to its younger viewers by its Head Of Children's Programmes at the time. The cartoon uses one of the show's most loved catchphrases as its caption.

Blue Peter survives to this day, as does the presenter in question, Richard Bacon, currently hosting a weekday afternoon radio show... for the BBC.


  1. Isn't that Konnie Huq on the left? I used to describe her as God's gift to limerick writers.

  2. Ha! Excellent, Roger, and well spotted - Konnie it is. The other two are Stewart Miles and Katy Hill, though I have to confess, I had to Google that information. The last presenters I can recall without help were Val, Shep and Petra.