Thursday, 12 August 2010

Another tearful farewell...

Here's a bit of self-indulgence I somehow managed to persuade my erstwhile employers at the Daily Record to publish in 2001. Again, similar to the John Major scenario, I was probably one of only a handful of Scots sad to see the resignation of William Hague as leader of the Conservative Party following his General Election defeat in 2001. He was great fun to draw and provided loads of ammunition for cartoonists, and I knew I was going to miss him.

This was further rammed home by his bland successor, Ian Duncan Smith, whom I later heard the great Gerald Scarfe somewhat bitterly describe as the only politician he could not draw. I'll dig out some more Hague cartoons later, hopefully, but here's the one I drew on that 'sad' day he was lost to the cartoonists' pen (he's back now, of course :-) )...


  1. We need freaky looking politicians. It's how they are supposed to look. A sad day for democracy when politicians look like normal people!

  2. Yes, I agree. Cameron is bad enough, but no-one can draw Clegg - he's a rubbish politician.