Saturday, 11 September 2010


Well, how do you spell it? It's possibly the most commonly misspelled word in the business, mostly by prospective clients, but I've also seen quite a few caricaturists seemingly having problems with spelling their own product, which surely can't be great for business. Then again, if so many clients can't spell the word, maybe it doesn't matter that much?

Anyways, as promised, I can now reveal that the two pen and ink charactertures in my last blog, were indeed the first and last ones, as John Fisher correctly identified... eventually! The second and third were produced entirely using a Cintiq, from start to finish. I'm glad it wasn't too obvious, and I'm not sure what it proves other than both methods can yield very similar results in terms of line quality. And that, I guess, is what I wanted to show. I love using my Cintiq, but I can't and won't say that it produces better results than pen and ink. It does have many advantages in my opinion, but a god pen and ink drawing will always be a joy to behold and produce.

And while we're talking caracatures, the second Chracerature Contest over on the forums has just ended, with some truly splendid interpretations of this month's 'target', the flamboyant Gok Wan. Go have a look, and if you fancy joining in the next contest, feel free - you have until 11pm (UK time) on October 5th to email me with your entry. Full details
here. This month's winner was a first-time poster on any of the forums, so it's anyone's game if you feel like taking part in the fun.

I enjoy organising the thing, and so I don't take part in the contest itself, but that doesn't stop me from having a go. Here's what I came up with this month...


  1. It's nice to know I got it right (eventually)Steve and its a good job you dont take part in the caricature comp...thats brilliant, even though you haven't finished it !!!

  2. Heh! Thanks, John. I was a little pushed for time.

  3. Well done John, it just goes to show how it's the talent not the tools that do the work though, as I got them both wrong! I wish I had spotted Steven Smith's clue earlier ;o)

    Brighty, that is indeed an excellent karikatchyer. I still think you should join in with the competition though.

  4. Steve---and if everyone else will forgive me the "in" reference---that caricature reminds me of Jim McKenzie on a night out!
    It is, of course, brilliant in its own right.

  5. Good grief, Roger, you're right. That's a little scary.

    Jim was a fellow sub editor with DC Thomson back in the days when I worked there as an employee and Roger (an ex-employee) was a freelance contributor. Jim was a 'flamboyant' chap, and probably my first ever comic strip character, as I used to draw a McKenzie cartoon for general office amusement almost every day. And now that Roger points it out, there were striking similarities to Gok Wan, especially around the teeth and jawline.