Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Balloony Tunes...

The sixth in the daily sheep calendar series. Don't forget, I'm offering a signed print of December's image to the first person to guess what the title of that month's image might be. I'm also offering the same for the suggestion that makes me laugh most. It'll be July tomorrow, but for now...



  1. Loving these.. the sheep are really beautifully done! very funny...hmmm...Decembaaaa...hahahahahaha..(wipes tear from eye) oh my sides.
    Ahem.. anyway.. really enjoying seeing these crop up. If your selling a 2011 sheep calendar, I'll be getting one.

  2. Thanks you, Mr A, but there are no plans, I'm afraid. In fact, even these have never seen daylight until now, having been commissioned as a whimsical folly to illustrate the fruits of an apparently memorable evening on the Ch√Ęteau Mutton Rothschild.

    Mind you, I retain copyright...