Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ring In The New...

Happy New Year to one and all!

Yes, I know it's already nearly a week old, and I've broken Resolution No. 27 by not posting a new bloggage every third day, minimum (at least that one lasted a couple of days longer than all the others), but sometimes things don't quite go to plan, "sometimes" being at least 50% these days. I hope you've all resolved to comment more on my blog - good luck with that one!

So, here I am, and there you are (hopefully) - let's kick off 2011 (how are you going to pronounce that by the way? Two thousand and eleven, or twenty eleven?) with my latest offering to the Cartoonists' Forum Caricature Competition, currently under way over here.

I blew any minute chance of ever getting a knighthood many years ago, whilst working for the Daily Record in Scotland as their editorial cartoonist. Scotland is not renowned for its Royalists, so I had a fair bit of fun at the Windsors' expense back then. That's a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, I have to say, but it was all done with a degree of affection, and never the tiniest bit of envy. And certainly at the time, the tricky part was trying to make one's (how regal!) cartoons more outrageous than the real life exploits of the Royals themselves.

I'll dig out and post a few of my attempts from the late 90's over the next week or two, but meanwhile, here is the very latest nail in the coffin of my knighthood, as we were challenged this month to draw the heir to the heir to the throne (deliberate repetition there - or was it?), Prince Wills...


  1. That's lovely Steve. I think you should send a framed copy to the HRH's as a very nice wedding present.

    There. I made my first comment for 2011.

  2. And much appreciated it is too, Clangers. I'm going to print it off and frame it. Damn - that's my last frame. Ah, well - HRH will just have to make do with the cruet set I got them from Home Bargains.