Sunday, 9 January 2011

Right Royal capers - part 1...

Well, well - my Prince William drawing very narrowly won this month's Caricature Competition, and so in jubilation and celebration, here, as promised, is the first of a select few of my editorial cartoons from the past, featuring our beloved Royal Family.

This is one I really enjoyed drawing, having been given the editorial all-clear to draw it unusually early in the day, thereby giving me loads of time (perhaps too much) to pencil and ink it to completion before the 6pm deadline. As you can see, in the absence of Photoshop back then, I over-indulged in plenty of cross-hatching.

This was drawn in 1998, after Princess Margaret suffered a mild stroke. The caption appears mildly prophetic now, with both Princess Margaret and her mother passing away less than four years later, within seven weeks of each other, the former departing first, aged 71, followed by the Queen Mum, after a cracking innings of 101.

As a Scot, I have never felt any great affinity with Royalty. Indeed, quite the opposite through much of my young life. These days, with age, I have warmed a little more to them, and for all the material they provide for editorial cartoonists, I'm even grateful, even if none of it is intentional.

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