Friday, 8 October 2010

Karacktiteshure (bless you!)...

We've just had the latest Caricature Contest over on the forum, with none other than the face of TV football, Adrian Chiles, providing the inspiration for this month's sport. I thought it was an inspired choice, and a gift for caricaturists. You can judge for yourself, but there was no doubt about the runaway winner this week from Hugh 'Shug' Raine, who left all the others trailing in his wake, with a huge 50 point tally.

Thanks to Scotty, my co-admin on the Competition forum, I intend taking part in next month's challenge (Sir Alan Sugar is Shug's choice), so I'm looking forward to that. Normally, because I get an advance viewing of the entries, I exclude myself from competing, but I still enjoy taking on the challenge in the background. Scotty has decided not to play this one, so we'll change things around a little this month.

Here's this month's effort...

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  1. That's excellent Brighty! Just let me know if you need my expertise to help you to draw Alan Sugar *cough splutter*