Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hairy Apologies...

Huge apologies to anyone still habitually visiting this blog. I've neglected it for some time due to... well, too many reasons really. I hope to get back to updating it a bit more often soon, but for now, I want to post a message to go with the long-overdue latest page in the Hairy Steve online comic. It goes like this...

Dear Hairy Stevite,

After a seriously long delay, the newest page in the Hairy Steve comic is now up on the site. As ever, we hope you enjoy it.

Below the previous page is an apology and explanation for the slowdown in the project coming to fruition. Unfortunately, the obstacles appear to have increased over the past weeks rather than cleared, and this latest page has taken an eternity to complete as a result. Things definitely look more settled on the horizon, although I don't anticipate being able to return to the page-per-week rate any time in the near future. These pages take me between 2-3 days to turn around, which is obviously a significant chunk of my working week. When we started publishing Hairy Steve online, that working week was far less frenetic than it is now, which was great for the Hairy Steve project, but less great for my family's living standards.

The funding from our backers has been invaluable to get things off the ground, and the monies are firmly in place for the fulfilment of all pledges once the pages are all completed. But they were never intended to be sufficient to fund the entire project. And whilst profit (or breaking even) has never been on the agenda with this, we still have to finance its creation, and that is done through our time and love for the job in hand covering the losses. Other work, properly paid work, has to be a part of that, and lately, thankfully, that has increased significantly, and has to be given priority for the time being. The last thing I want to do at this point, with only a handful of pages remaining, is to rush the project or cut any corners in quality. I hope you'll agree that is not an option.

So the only alternative is continued patience on everyone's part, and I thank you all in anticipation of that. We're edging ever closer to the climax, and although I don't even know how it will all end myself (I've asked Jamie to feed me the script one page at a time), I know it will be worth waiting for, based on everything Jamie has ever written in his life before (no pressure, Mr Smart!). And I want to do that justice, to the best of my own abilities.

Thank you, once again, for your patience.

Steve, the drawing guy.

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