Thursday, 8 July 2010

Taking a Liberty...

I read the other day that Tony Blair has been awarded a Liberty medal (plus $100,000, which he is generously donating to two charities - the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative), for "bringing liberty to people around the world". The medal is to be presented to him in an official ceremony by his old mucker, Bill Clinton.

I make no further comment, but it does give me an excuse to resurrect the following old political cartoon I did for the Daily Record, when the two then-World-leaders met in a summit at the height of the Monica Lewinsky Scandal.

With a few white hairs added, the cartoon might equally well apply to this latest news, only with the speech bubble tails changed around, and any stains more reddish in nature...


  1. I think this must be the second best bloggage on cartoons out there Mr Bright. Excellent stuff.

    It's true what they say. You do give good blog! Please keep it up. Mussell fishing is over-rated!

  2. High praise indeed, which indeed it is, coming from no bigger blogger than the great Leondra Gubbins. I'm touched. No need to ask who has the best cartoon blog out there of course, but I constantly aspire to her suchlike heights.

  3. ive put this on talent free to but if yu do a serch on tootsies loo brush then mi blogg cumms owt top of ther list

    an my blogg has cartooons bi noel ford an bill stott on an brity can i put the picher of mickey wot yu sent my humun on as wel as my blogg dus feetcher other rodents to


  4. Can we all join in?
    Monkey digestive buttocks.

  5. Tootsie, I'd be honoured! Such saloobrush company too!

    Roger, come again...?

  6. Sorry.
    I didn't understand a word of what Tootsie was saying and decided to join in.

  7. Tootsie's literary style has been likened to that of Chaucer. Chichi Parish thinks so, anyway. It probably works best if you read it out loud, phonetically, like, and then try to interpret the meaning.

  8. I think my lightbulb is about to explode.